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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Los Angeles Lakers 2009 NBA Champs!

Game 5 was not so much about a game of basketball skills, but a test of championship will. The Lakers had it. The Magic did not. Kobe, Pau, D. Fish, Lamar, and the rest of the Laker squad imposed their will on the young and vulnerable Magic team. The Lakers seized the lead and broke their will half way through the 2nd quarter and NEVER let up, never let go all the way to the end.

Congrats to the whole team including Phil Jackson (coach) and Mitch Kupchak (GM) for staying the course, providing steady and strong leadership and never letting up on making this team the best in the NBA. To Kobe aka Black Mamba for becoming the teammate and leader that his team needed him to be. To Pau for playing a strong AND skilled game. To Lamar for not letting an off night keep you from playing 100%. And to Derek Fisher for playing a man's game...clutch (Robert Horry who?)!

Now...remember how sweet this feels and tastes. Remember how much work it took. Never grow satisfied and bring home the title again next year. #15 is oh so good, but #16 would be oh so sweet!

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