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Friday, June 05, 2009

Sign of the Apocalypse

I think Jesus will be showing up sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning after this church celebrates the 4th of July and the 2nd amendment by having the congregation pack heat on that Sunday!

I've heard of bringing a friend to church. I've even heard of bringing food to donate. But NEVER have I heard of bringing your Smith & Wesson to church as a symbol of worship.

Seriously, come back today, Lord. Come back today!

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A Kentucky pastor is inviting his flock to bring guns to church to celebrate the Fourth of July and the Second Amendment.

New Bethel Church is welcoming "responsible handgun owners" to wear their firearms inside the church June 27, a Saturday. An ad says there will be a handgun raffle, patriotic music and information on gun safety.

"We're just going to celebrate the upcoming theme of the birth of our nation," said pastor Ken Pagano. "And we're not ashamed to say that there was a strong belief in God and firearms — without that this country wouldn't be here."

Read more here.

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