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Monday, August 11, 2008

5,000 Hits And The #1 T.V.est

I am a drop in the bucket compared to the hits a ysmarko, Jesus Creed, or Seth Godin blog get. But never in my 2.5+ years of talking about life, faith, culture, ministry, and family did I think I would get 5,000 hits to my little blog (#5000 was someone from Indianapolis, IN). Who woulda thunk it. Pretty cool. Thanks for checking in and sharing the voyage!

Side note: Kelly and I are letting Sarah and Parker stay up just a bit later to watch some of the Olympics where they love to chant, "USA USA USA!" It's pretty sweet and fun. Tonight we were getting them off to bed when Sarah was negotiating some extra face time to watch the US women's volleyball team rock the Cubans. After putting the kabosh on the stalling to get to bed, Kelly turned to Sarah and said:

Kelly: Aren't you the #1 cutest girl I know?

Sarah: No! I'm the #1 T.V.est you know.

Very cute!

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