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Friday, August 08, 2008

Even The Baddest Guys

Parker, my four year old son, and I were in the back yard. I was killing weeds and he was picking sides in the battle for good guys and bad guys. He was thinking that Kelly, Sarah, and himself could be the good guys and I would be the bad guy (my normal play role). And then he and I had a mini conversation that went something like this:

Parker: Dad, I like be the good guy.

Me: Why's that, Parks?

Parker: Because people love good guys.

Me: You are right, buddy. And nobody likes me, the bad guy, cuz I'm bad (hands up with a menacing face).

Parker: Nuh-uh, Dad. God will love you. He loves even the baddest guys.

As hard as it is to imagine, that is so true. Even the most vile, evil, and horrendous people on the planet, He loves. And that includes you and me. Now that's a crazy kinda love. An amazing kinda love.

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