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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Talks In Transit

We started a new series in the middle school ministry I serve in called Galations: Faith, Freedom, and the Produce Aisle.

Here's the flow:


Get in groups of 2-3 and share an experience that changed how you felt, thought, and/or what you believed about something. music, parents, school, friends, family, religion, etc



(b/c of time I could do this...had to adapt)
Divide into three groups one for each of these passages: Gal 1:6-10, 1:11-17, and 1:18-24. Then answer this question. What do you think this tells you about their faith?


Camping out on this section in Gal 1:23-24
1. Faith is a response to a radical revelation of Jesus that completely changes our life.
A. What do you think Jesus revels about us?
B. What do you think Jesus revels about Jesus?
C. What is the appropriate response to those to truths? Trust and Follow.

2. Faith is influenced and easily derailed by people/groups of people that don't care about you, or you following Jesus.
- by either: A. Taking us away from it
Adding things to it
or both

Big Idea: Faith reveled by God is pure and simple, but never easy; it always changes us in radical ways.

I've got to do a better job of illustrating. That's an area I need to double up on so as to explain something better, flesh out a point, or make it more tangible and real to where a middle schooler is at in that moment.

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