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Monday, October 27, 2008

What Every Fan Wants To Hear From Their NFL Coach

This is one of the great post-game rants of recent years. Mike Singletary tells it like it is about about his perception of lazy, selfish, uncommitted player that are in for them and not the team.


ckd said...

I'm Samurai Mike I stop'em cold.
Part of the defense, big and bold,
I've been jammin' for quite a while,
Doin' what's right and settin' the style,
Give me a chance, I'll rock you good,
Nobody messin' in my neighborhood.
I didn't come here lookin' for trouble,
I just came to do The Super Bowl Shuffle

Seth said...

Charlie! I was thinking of posting the Super Bowl Shuffle right below this one with the caption "What every fan DOESN'T want to see from the future NFL coach." Outstanding are so the man!

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