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Monday, October 27, 2008

Things That Make You Go Hhhmmm

Two bumper stickers caught my eye today. One I had seen before and another I had never seen.

First one was "Hate is not a family value."

The reason this caught my eye is I began wondering who this is targeted at. Child/spouse abusers? Politicians? Or religious people? If I was a betting man, I'd say it's pointed squarely at us religious types, specifically, evangelical Christians and the religious right. And when I re-read it again in these times of heightened emotions surrounding the presidential election, it broke my heart. When did we religious types start on this slippery slope? How did we let it get to this? How did we let our politics, language and actions start making people feel like we didn't care? It breaks my heart. And I have to ask how did I contribute to the hostile climate where bumper stickers are sold to communicate how a large segment of our culture thinks/feels about so-called Christian? This bumper sticker makes me sad and tells me I/we have a long way to go to change the perception that non-Christ followers have of Jesus people.

The second one was "Vote the Bible."

What the hell does that mean? Is that a non-partisan bumper sticker? Doubt it. Is there a ballot I ask for where I can re-up Issue 10 on Ten Commandments? Is there section on my ballot to keep the Beatitudes going? Does it mean vote simply pro-life/anti-abortion? Does it mean vote Republican across the board? Dare I say yes to all of the above? Here is something that is shaping my take (borrowed from Sojourners) on what "voting the Bible" means to people who call themselves Christians:

1. Compassion and Economic Justice
2. Peace and Restraint of Violence
3. Consistent Ethic of Life
4. Racial Justice
5. Human Rights, Dignity, and Gender Justice
6. Strengthen Families and Renew Culture
7. Good Stewardship of God's Creation

You can find out more about these seven points at Sojourners website. Look for the "Voter Issues Guide." You might not agree with every sub-point underneath these seven major issues, but it should definitely shape how you and I pray and then vote about the who and what on our ballots.

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