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Thursday, August 16, 2007

End Of The First Week In Dayton

I could just leave the post at that and it would speak volumes, but I won't.

I just spent my first week on the job at DECA where I am a graduate assistant for the school and faculty. I've done a ton of things including washing cafeteria tables to taking lunch money to substitute teach in a public speaking class. I haven't had a ton of opportunities to connect with kids, but am making the most of every opportunity. I've most been in a servant leadership role supporting the faculty and staff of the school since the first week of classes has been pretty crazy.

It's an amazing process (not very different from youth ministry stuff) of helping students catch a vision of a deeper, more profound, and more purposeful life. Helping them grasp the opportunity they have to get a high school diploma and two year associates degree is pretty huge seeings how they will probably be the first from their family to either graduate from high school or go to college.

But they do it. Teachers, students, families, and communities pull together to teach and model the skills and knowledge needed move on to make not only their life better, but also the world better.

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