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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

TuitionChoice For Students and Parents

A buddy of mine, Jim Richardson from Pittsburgh, had a dream a few years back to take the concept of LendingTree (lenders fighting it out for your mortgage business) and flip/tweak it to help students and parents look for additional money for college. So he began to dream, plan, network, and build the business model with some great friends and partners. And so yesterday, I got the great email that stated TuitionChoice LLC has officially launched on the world wide web (

Here is bit of their story:

TuitionChoice was formed through the insights and experience of seasoned financial aid professionals to better answer the all-too-common question from students, ‘Which student loan is the best one for me?’ That question has continuously frustrated financial aid officers because the current private loan process leaves no room for the student to compare relevant information between multiple lenders. Currently, students fill out one loan application and if they are approved, they take it. If not, they continue the process one lender at a time, never really knowing if the loan they accepted is the best one for them.

We wanted a better way!

Our team set out to develop a process that would give students more specific loan information, from multiple lenders, faster, and do it all simultaneously. We wanted to do away with the process of offering loan ‘choices’ based simply on ranges or averages. We wanted to stop asking the student to choose something based on general information that had nothing to do with them personally. We wanted the student to see and understand their choices first… and then choose. If we could do that, then we would truly make “choosing the best loan option” easier.

So if you are a student, parent, or a person that knows someone in the market for some extra money to help with college, then check out the site. It really is a cool tool that will help serve individuals and families for years to come.

And on a personal note...Jimmy James, I am so proud of you, dude! What a great vision and great execution. And to Tony, John, and Kurt, I am so excited to see you guys on board, too. My prayers are with you guys as this launches and grows in the marketplace. Thanks for serving us this way!

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