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Monday, August 06, 2007

UD Update

Just wanted to let y'all know that that graduate assistant (ga) position that I posted about a couple of weeks came through in a big way. I got the call last week that I got the position that is affiliated with DECA - Dayton Early College Academy. I posted about it here.

I have an all day orientation and fill-out-the-right-paperwork time tomorrow, August 7. I am really excited about getting back into the world of students. This will be a huge challenge, but one that I am ready for (or as ready as I'll ever be)...I'll be learning and growing, big time, right along with the students.

I will then finish up at Costco this week (last day is Sunday the 12th) and start back at DECA next Monday, August 13. School for me then officially starts on Monday the 20th. Just thought you'd like to know.

It's wild and crazy! Things are starting to move a whole lot faster now, but I wanted to slow down and communicate how hugely grateful we are for God's care here. This was a huge burden (cash wise - school is now paid for) he decided to lift right from our backs and, wow, am I stoked (Kelly, too)! Thanks for standing with us in thoughts, prayers, and encouragements about this ga thing in particular.

Now we just have to get this house sold!

Peace and late.

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