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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Which Are You?

I thought this was interesting and offered me a chance to think critically about work. I am clearly of the philosophy that is presented in the second diagram. But I do wonder about when I really work out of my passions are those two diagrams blurred a bit?

In the first diagram, do we feel like we are working 70 hrs a week or do we feel like we are living so passionately about what we were made to do (and just putting some extra time b/c we love it so) that time "flies when you are having fun". Do we think in diagram two that we are simply doing what we have to do to get by? Not going the extra mile as a servant, leader or person committed to excellence in the workplace. Or do we simply want a diagram two work experience b/c there are other areas in which we feel called to lead, serve, and experience b/c THAT is what we are passionate about?

I don't know. Just some thoughts as I reflect on where I've been (pastoral ministry and Costco) and where I'm going (guidance counselor).

How about you?

(bu to Dave B.)

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