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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Day!

One of - if not the greatest - radio personality has died...Paul Harvey. I grew up listening to Paul Harvey, well, kinda sorta. My Dad listened to Paul Harvey. I think he listened to him everyday. At first as a typical "too cool for school" kid, I thought that this radio station/guy was lame. But as I grew up, I found myself hanging around for more and more of "the rest of the story." He seems such a wise and gentle man on air and simply had amazing way of telling you a story and then selling you a product without ever feeling manipulated. He was a master.

As one observer puts it:

Tom Taylor, editor of Inside Radio, said that Harvey was "like the oldest and still the tallest redwood in the whole forest, a living reminder of the power of words on the radio — and of silence. Most talent in radio rushes to fill 'dead air' but Paul understood the value of the right pause at the right time. You'd sometimes literally hold your breath to see what 'the rest.. .of the story' was.

Said Taylor: "Paul had absolutely no equal when it came to the sheer art of how to use a radio microphone, and several generations of radio newspeople studied his delivery. He tried television but it wasn't his medium. Radio was, and he owned it.When Paul was speaking, how could you not listen, even if you disagreed with his commentary."

Good day, Paul Harvey. Good day.

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