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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Predeciton - A Response to Ed Noble

Ed (see his prediction here),

You know I love you. You are a brother, friend, and mentor to me. I respect you. I think you are one of the wisest, godliest men I know.

But I have to say...back away from the crack pipe!

I do love an underdog story (Cardinals, K. Warner, etc.) as much as the next guy, but having pastored in PGH for 4 years, you can't help but fall in love with the way they run the team, create coaching/team stability, and play tough no matter what!

Tomlin is a stud. I was bummed with they didn't hire Wisenhunt in PGH (stud coach...look what's he's done in AZ), but he was a known commodity. Tomlin was a classic Rooney hire with an unknown, young guy, but then he practiced what he preached and hired a person of color to keep the Steelers' tradition train rollin'. Amazing hire - love it - big ups!

But I digress...bottom line: running games and defenses win championships. Why? B/c they control the clock which is where the Steelers will dominate this game. Ben will be better than his first super bowl (which he won). Fast Willie Parker will run for about 120ish yards and Harrison will have at least 2 sacks and Polamalu will have at least one pick and a couple of bone jarring hits (wr and rb). Ike Taylor is big enough to neutralize Larry Fitz.

I don't think Larry Fitz will have a big game, but A. Boldin could be a beast esp. in the red zone. But it will not be enough to win the game.

My call: Steelers 26 Cardinals 20

There you have it. Take it as gospel, but don't take it to Vegas! haha!

p.s. If AZ does win, though I will be mostly bummed, a small part of me will smile for the exact reasons you are pulling your bandwagon jump.

1 comment:

Ed Noble said...


I love the crack pipe too much to ever back away. I do have gruding respect for P-berg. They are sort of like the 90s Niners - good organization, obnoxious fans but you end up either loving or hating...
BTW you were wrong about everything... except the the outcome! Scoreboard, YOU!


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