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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Calling My Shot

The time is now to call my shot. Colts. Bears. Offense sells tickets. Defense wins championships.
And shocker of all shockers...I'm going with the Colts, baby!

Everything on paper says take the Bears: Great defense, Huge special teams, and Stud running game. That's the prescription for a championship right there. But something in my guts says that this is the time for Dungy's defense and Manning's offense to shine.

In the playoffs, they shut down two great run teams (B-more/Lewis and KC/Johnson) and a diverse and balanced offensive system (NE). Manning started to turn on that switch in the second half of the NE game when they posted big numbers against the THIRD best defense in the NFL. And then there is the X factor - destiny. I just sense that it's the Colt's time. Nothing statistical, magical or galactical about it. Call it my gut (or indigestion), but I sense that this is a hungry bunch after getting close so many times.

So here it goes...

Colts 30 Bears 24

Go Colts!

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