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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day

What a snow day! Almost 15" in 24 hours with more trickling in at the moment. It's nothing like New York had over the last week that is for sure, but it was a dumping none the less. Shoveled the driveway twice (first time with my snow bunny by my side. Kelly can shovel some serious snow!). I'll have to shovel some more in the morning due to the snow that is still falling and the drifting that is taking place. My back is not looking for to it.

Kids had a great time, too. Climbed the mountain of snow that is Mt. Kensington (snow from this time around and last time that hasn't been able to melt). Went sledding in a laundry basket. Pulled out the tri-runner snow mobile (otherwise known as a tricycle). And of course laid out the traditional snow angels. It really is fun watching Sarah and Parker find this white stuff pretty magical. Though they don't last long given the work it takes to tramp through this stuff (it's deep for those little legs!) and the cold. Freakin' A, I don't last long either!

Here are some pics...Enjoy!

First Mt. Kensington (K3) then Mt. Everest!

I've fallen and I can't get up.

Sweet path, Dad.

Parker's first snow ATV. Again, sweet.

Parker's first snow ATV lawsuit.

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