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Monday, February 19, 2007

Rescue Me

What is it about a rescue story that sucks me in everytime?

Have you been following the story on Mt. Hood? Click this link to read about it. So cool. Is there anything more captivating that watching and waiting to see if the team will find the person or group of people lost or stuck somewhere on a mountain or out in the wilderness? I dare say - no. Is there anything more exciting when the lost or stuck are found or rescued? Is there anything more heartbreaking when the search is called off - no one found. Or when found, the person(s) being searched for are found dead, are you like me going - that is so sad?

I feel like my story - in life and over the last year and half - is simply that - a rescue story. One filled with hope, discouragement, pain, courage, wandering, and discovery. I watch this story on Mt. Hood (or any other search and rescue story taking place on Rainer, Denali, or Everest) and can't help but identify with all parties involved - recuee (real word?) and rescuer.

I wonder about my wanderings. I wonder if I will find a way out. I wonder who will be there to help me get home. I wonder how my "lostness" affects those around me or missing me? Kelly? Sarah and Parker? Family? Friends? I wonder if anyone really notices that I'm not "there" - that somehow, all of me is not present and attending to the present?

I can't help but think, too, about the rescuers? Who is doing everything they can forge through the wilderness and against the elements the I or others might put in their way? How will they get to me? How will I find them? I can't help but think about the courage it takes to be a rescuer. It must be hell sometimes to fight those things that hinder their progress in pursuit of love, compassion, and grace. There is also a stubborness that comes along with being a rescuer. You know, this idea, that says, "F@#% you. Nothing is preventing me from getting to this guy." You gott a love and admire those folks. Talk about heroes!

I also find myself feeling, that even in the midst of feeling the need to be rescued, I am also called to be a rescuer. I can think of a number of relationships and situations where I might be able to come along side, listen, maybe help, but mainly love others through their time "on the mountain". But it's tough. My proverbial shit gets in the way. How hard do I push? How hard can I pursue? Do I have what it takes to help? Skills? Diligence? Courage? Time? Energy? "Want to"?

I am so thankful for the real life, present day stories of rescue that engage my heart and head to think about such things. I am thank for the real life, historical rescue stories found in the Scriptures (Israel, Joseph, the Disciples, Paul and all the poor/blind/oppressed/marginalized) and throughout the history of the Church. They give me hope. The give me a glimps into my own soul - how needy I really am. And more importantly the give me a view into the heart of our God, my Savior...He who is here, alongside, pushing, pulling, holding and most of the time carrying me through it all. Wow. Pretty stinkin' cool.

So what about your rescue story or one that you are apart of? How's it going? How you doing? What's God up to?

I'll leave you with another link to the lyrics to "Rescue Me" by The Alarm. Good song. Great band.

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