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Monday, May 14, 2007

Any and All Buyers Wanted

Kelly and I have been working hard on getting our house ready to sell. If you are just coming around to this blog or just catching up with our life, we are moving to Dayton and I am going back to grad school. So this weekend we started (with HUGE help from our friends Chris and Tara H. and Chris U. - all in our small group) our biggest get-the-house-ready-to-sell project: paint all the interior doors white.

Well, we've had couple of great days: sunny, warm, and a bit of a breeze. We kicked some but last night by getting the doors out of the house and primed for painting (plus we got other big projects done with the help of the beastly help we had). Then today Kelly and got the ball further down the field by painting the doors. Tomorrow we will rehang the doors and all will be Utopian again - almost. Because then we get down to the nitty gritty of getting the house really clean and spotless.

"Porque/why," you may ask. Because our first open house is this weekend! YIKES! The yard looks great and really the house looks great, too, it's just that you have to go the extra mile when selling it. It's nuts to think this time has finally come. So be praying for us. How cool would it be for God to sell our house in the very first weekend that we show it?! I believe He can totally do it!

If you have friends looking to buy a great house, at a great price, and in a great location - or you want to buy the house! - you can point 'em to a couple of places for home details and pics:

Iggy Number: #173282

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