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Monday, May 14, 2007

Survivor Hypocrisy

Kelly and I love Survivor. It's been a fun year to watch with no clear cut favorite until the last few weeks for me. That's when Earl and Yau Man pulled ahead for me. I love lots of things about the show. Great competitions, different game strategies, and the communal aspect that I can only imagine (since the show focuses on "the game").

But my absolute least favorite part is the last tribal council where the jury questions the three remaining survivors about how they played the game, why they deserve to win the million dollars, blah blah bah. What this ultimately turns into is one big bitch session that perches itself on a thrown of hypocrasy and piousness. Most of the jury members get up with an ax to grind. They have "poo" they have been saving up to fling ever since they got voted off and started talking to each other in their castaway hotel.

It absolutely infuriates me! I hate it. They talk as if this game was about integrity, character, and honesty. As if there was some "pure" way to play it. Let's face it: this game is about aligning yourself with strong, smart people and winning immunity challenges (with a few reward challenges for good food). Then after all that is done and you are either all alone to with no allies left to survive with or your alliance is left to feed on itself - you go primal. You go in BS mode. You know the card game where you LIE to each other to stay in the game and WIN. You have to lie, deceive, and manipulate at some point to get as far as you can. As Jim Rome says, "If you aren't cheating [lying, etc], you aren't trying."

So don't give me this, "Who did you back stab?" crap or "I couldn't trust you in the real world given how you played in this game." Blah, blah, blah! What hypocrits. You're just torked that it didn't play out in your favor cuz you got played! Stop your lecture, be a good sport, ask a thoughtful question, and then sit down.

Congrats to Earl...great win and some great moves at the end like voting Yah out. Huge. I was pulling for Yau Man though and wished he would have broken the Survivor Car Curse (no person to ever win a car has ever gone on to win Survivor) by giving it to Dreamz in that great move. Great season ending show to an otherwise so-so season.

I gotta get on that show...that would be so outstanding! Tough as nails, but sweet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Okay, Seth, why don't you tell us how you REALLY felt ... Hummm?
I, too thought Yau-man should have won - he was the BEST!
Love you, Mom

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