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Friday, May 25, 2007

Potentially Dangerous Questions 7 & 8

I've been posting on a book called God in the Flesh. In the fourth section of the book written by Don Everts, he leads us to look at Jesus and the consequences of His compassion. Here are the "potentially dangerous questions" that Everts lays out for us in chapters 7 and 8.

Potentially Dangerous Question #7: What would happen if I stopped pretending and collapsed upon Jesus instead?

"What if the Church stopped the Grand Parade of Smiling Christians and instead found itself collapsing upon him in its need? What would that do for us? And to the world around us?
What if we stopped trying to hold it all together? What if we stopped medicating our inner pains with recreation and accomplishments and business? What if we ran collapsed upon Jesus?
Perhaps we would find true shalom [peace] settling quietly into our souls...
Perhaps we could march forward as wounded healers, as beggars who have found bread, as peaceful sons and daughters...
Perhaps this world could look at the church and be intrigued by the inexplicable peace they see there. Perhaps they'd see lived-out testimonies of how freeing it is to admit the pains and struggles of life and take them to Jesus."

Potentially Dangerous Question #8: Would Jesus have done it [died on the cross] just for you?

(Everts acknowledges this can be a very trite question. He ask that we get beyond the triteness and cheese factor and find the kernel of truth calls to deep places inside each of us.)

"What if only you and Jesus lived in this universe? What if your brokenness and sin were the only brokenness and sin to be found in the galaxy? Would he do it [die just for you]?
When you see a crucifix, is it personal? When you stare at this sacrificial Jesus, are his eyes wanting to meet yours? Or do they blankly stare at humanity in general? It is in that stare alone that can help us stand as free individuals in our own skin.
Only through him can any of us really be a Me."

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