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Monday, May 21, 2007

Penn & Teller and Creationism

Here is a thought provoking video from Penn and Teller's show, Bulls*@%! It makes me squirm on both sides of the creation/evolution debate as it relates to education. This is one of those issues that I'm not sure where all the facts come out and all the agendas start. It brings up a ton of questions and feelings. Questions like...what do I really feel about separation between church and state? What is our religious agenda about regarding creationism being taught in public schools alongside evolution? What is the agenda of an intelligent atheist (Penn) creating a piece that takes down creationist a peg or ten? Why do I feel so threatened when they are critical of creations view as a science? What are the reasonable arguments why creation is or is not a legitimate branch of sciece? What do I feel about the language of "intelligent" design? Does the teaching of evolution really shape kids hearts and minds about what they think/feel about the love of Jesus, his death on the cross, and the life he offers each and everyone of us? What does God think about this (I wish He would write a blog about this stuff sometimes!)?

Here is the video (pg-13 b/c of some stong language). How does it make you feel? What does it cause you to think? What buttons does it push in your science, politics, and theology?

(It looks as though another Penn & Teller clip has been ripped from the screens of You Tube. Bummer. Sorry, y'all!)

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