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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Kids Draw the Darndest Things

I was mowing yesterday. Kelly was inside getting dinner ready and the kids were drawing on the driveway. One of the things they love to draw is each other. One lies on the driveway and the other outlines them with chalk. They then proceed to color and write on the outline. Very fun.

Well, on this particular day, Sarah was drawing Parker. When I was done mowing, I came over to look at the artwork. Sarah was there doodling something else on the ground. I asked who the outline was and she said that it was Parker. When I asked her to describe it for me.

"This is Parker's head. These are his hands and feet. And, Daddy, this line between his legs is his penis that he goes peepee with. And the other line is the line just like I have right here (as she is pointing it out to me on her bottom)! That's your bum/hiney/fanny line for those of you wondering.

I proceeded to tell her that it was very good drawing and that it would be time to eat soon so we had better wash up. It took just about all I had to not crack up on the spot, but couldn't help but crack (no pun intended) a smile. Too funny. And too cute.

I'm just bummed (so sorry...pun totally intended) I didn't get a picture. Argh.

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