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Monday, May 07, 2007

Potentially Dangerous Questions 4, 5, & 6

I haven't posted in some time about this book I am about to finish up. God In the Flesh is written by Don Everts, a campus minister for Intervarsity. For me, you can never go wrong looking at the life of Jesus from from a fresh perspective and that is what this book is doing for me. Click here to see my first post about the book and the idea behind the potentially dangerous question idea.

So in my state of slackerness, I am going to post the next three questions in the book to catch you up and the light a fire under my ars. Here we go:

Potentially Dangerous Question #4: Is it really Yahweh who lives inside me?

"I mean, really. The Spirit of Jesus that has made a home within me - is it the real presence of fiery, jealous, powerful, divine Yahweh? Or is it a cute, lesser. diminished part of the Trinity?"

Potentially Dangerous Question #5: Where do I disagree with Jesus?

"Yeah, disagree. Sit down and study the Gospels until you reach a teaching that makes you feel like Jesus is exaggerating a bit. Overstating things. Getting carried away. It's important that we find those teachings. Because then we can consider what it would mean to dare to believe him rather than our own common sense.

Potentially Dangerous Question #6: Did God get smaller when he incarnated?

"Did he get smaller? Did he diminish in authority? Have his authority and dominion shrunk over the years, letting out of him bit by bit over the centuries? When Jesus walked this earth, did he have all the authority of Yahweh - mighty, jealous, roaring, Creator-of-the-Leviathan Yahweh? And does he still have all that authority today?"

The question that got me sweating and thinking hard was #5. If I'm honest, there are a couple out there that I go, "Really, Jesus? Do you really mean that?" Still chewing on that one.

What about you?

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