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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Open House: Round 1

I think it was a good day. At least that's what Kelly and my mom are saying. Eight couples showed up to take a gander at the home front and liked what they saw. We had a gorgeous day and the house really showed (is that right?) well. They said out of the eight that toured the house there is one couple pretty serious (the have friends/family in this neighborhood and the one across the street - relationally motivated), one slightly serious couple who really liked the house and style and neighborhood, and six that did their thing.

I was hoping for ten. Didn't get it. I was hoping that I would have a voicemail from Kelly when I got off from work that said we had a serious offer/buyer already (I had a vm from her, but she wanted me to pic up a pizza from Costco). Didn't get that either (got an offer but almost insultingly low).

So there you have it. And so we wait. And work a little more to tweak the house and market it some more. Praying continually.

Big thanks to Mom/Granny. There is no way we could have pulled this off without her help. She was really in her element both as a "realtor" and as a granny! Mom, you are the best! Thanks!

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