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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Religious people now have an alternative in the viral experience phenomenon. GodTube is moving, shaking, and trying to make its way into mainstream religion by catering to and servicing those in the culture that love the video and social networking environments.

I think it's a got a great chance to make it and have some major impact on the video swapping community as ideas, creativity, convictions, and faith are shared through this medium. USA Today online as an article spelling out a bit of the story and vision of the web site. Here's a teaser:

GodTube may be like the fabled mustard seed in the biblical parable: it starts small and grows mighty. It has burgeoned in just four months; it had 866,000 unique visitors in the USA in November, according to Web traffic tracker ComScore Media Metrix., the leading general spirituality site, had just under 3 million unique visitors that month. And multimedia behemoth YouTube had 53.5 million.

"We aren't MySpace or Facebook. We're not chasing cool," Wyatt says. "Our demographic is religious."

Will you visit it? Will you visit regularly? Will you use it? For personal reasons? For ministry purposes? Just curious.


ckd said...

Probably not. If I did, I would feel like I also need to order a Christian t-shirt, a fish eating a Darwin fish and I would only be able to buy books from a Christian bookstore.

I don't me jaded, it just feels like another attempt to get all the Christian people sheltered from other people...even virtually.

To each his own...

Seth said...

I agree with you for the most part, Charlie. The Christian sub-culture gets to be a bit too much. It's the notion that Christianity is about "redeeming" EVERYTHING by taking something secular and copying it into something Christian. I wonder what the redeeming factor is at times? Is it our interactions with the secular? It is our conversations with them? Is it our freshness and fragrance that draws them to Jesus?

Though I, too, probably will not go there often, I do see it as a place to potentially get some creative resources or spark for elements and ideas that might be used in our spiritual environments. These could be used to get people thinking, feeling, talking about the Faith.

Who knows?

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