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Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Golden Compass - Will You Go?

There has been huge talk about the film The Golden Compass. Most of the talk that I've heard has been centered around to go or not to go. This has been voices primarily from the Christian community from the standpoint that the movie is anti-God and looks to subversively steer children away from His reality.

My friend, Charlie, poses basically the same question I am wondering over on his blog. Will you go see it or not? And maybe the more important question is why?

I, for one, want to see it (and will probably read the whole trilogy, too). When did we stop trying to understand what is trying to be communicated about God (especially when we don't agree) whether it be in politics or movies and positive or negative? We do this so we can better be salt, light and love in a world that is losing it's Jesus-y flavor. Remember, the statue of the unknown god didn't stop the apostle Paul from hanging out and engaging the people and culture of Mars Hill.

And since when have we Christians been so worried about supporting anti-God, anti-Kingdom endeavors? We shop the Gap which uses illegal sweat shop that employ children to make their clothes. We shop Waldenbooks for our novels and it sells pornography. The list could go on and on. I'm not saying that we should support this movie or this cause, but b/c it is subversively against God doesn't mean that we shouldn't understand it or the issue surrounding it.

So why are we all bent out of shape about this movie that is anti-God, anti-Kingdom? Is it because it's an easy target? It's high profile? It's convenient? It targets kids? When did we stop engaging the culture on controversial topics that are contrary to truth of the God's word and the work of His Kingdom? Well, we should be fired up about things that are contrary to the truth and seek to distort what God is all about, but we shouldn't disengage and bury our heads in the sand until it goes away. For me it so much healthier to engage what is being communicated in order to talk with others near or far from Christ who are going to this movie.

Here is a cool blog post/interview with Philip Pullman, the author of the books that the film is based on. Very engaging. Very good. Here is another great post on ALL sorts of other reviews/opinions of the books/film.

Whatever you choose about seeing this movie is cool with me (like you need my approval), but please don't simply go or not go based on an email you got or someone in your church says, "Don't go." Use your brain, do some research, make a wise choice, and then do what you gotta do. Then let me know what you think. I'm curious like a cat.

p.s. My dad just sent me a link to an article on the The Golden Compass. It's a good read. Interesting to note that with all the hype, it didn't meet expectations even though it was #1 over the weekend in box office draw.

1 comment:

ckd said...

yeah...I'm pretty sure I'll go

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