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Friday, December 28, 2007

It's Christmas Time (A Few Days Ago)

Sorry for being a slacker when it comes to posting. In case you haven't noticed we've been living through a little holiday called Christmas that makes crazy things happen to 5 and 3 year olds respectively. I swear for a week and a half my kids have been injecting HGH, Pixie Stix, and straight adrenaline as we moved closer to that "silent night". I'll give you a run down on what we've done and then post pics accordingly over then next couple of days.

Christmas Eve - Chilled with the Rings side of the fam. My sis, Marcie, and her Solin crew plus myself, Kelly and the kids and my nieces Ana Kay, Scout, and Evan hung out at my parent's house. We ate like pigs and exchange gifts. Good times were had by all. We came home and read The Night Before Christmas and went to bed. It's funny, even now, that is still the longest night of the year from me...the anticipation of the next day is almost too much to bear!

Christmas Day - Kids woke us up a decent hour - 7:30am - and we proceed to the living room and the magic that is watching your kids rip through Santa's presents like a tornado through a trailer park! We were in our jams most of the day, but then got ready and headed towards Cincy to have Christmas dinner with the Voet side. Kel's bro, Jim and his son, Kel's sis LA and her crew, and her parents were there. We ate like kings. We spent the night there because...

The Day After Christmas - This is when the Voet clan gets together and parties! Everybody was there but Kel's bro Joe and his wife, Petra (we missed you two!). We grazed like cows at pasture on all sorts of unhealthy food that arteries hate. mmmm - cholesterol! Once everyone arrived we dove head first into the frenzy that is opening presents. Mom Voet did a great job staging it so that everyone got there time in the spotlight (even though what she really wanted to do was actually be able to better see the grandkids open their gifts. In the past she hasn't been able to do this. But this was a great call, Mom!). We proceed to talk, mingle, eat, and chill some more before the annual tradition - The Step Photo (will post later). At that point, Parker hit a wall and hit a wall stemming from three days of go, Go, GO! And so I packed up and we headed home. Good times were most definitely had by all (except for the crashing at the end, but that was nothing compared to all the good stuff before that).

Pictures to come...

Come and Listen Post to follow...

Then some year end thoughts...

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