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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

God Bless Our Legal System

Have you been following this story? It's absolutely nuts! But FINALLY, this judge that is suing has come down to earth and is being reasonable. You'll see. Just read the story and you know why everything will be alright in our world and legal system:

WASHINGTON - A judge who was seeking $67 million from a dry cleaners that lost his pants has loosened the belt on his lawsuit. Now, he's asking for only $54 million, according to a May 30 court filing in D.C. Superior Court.

Roy L. Pearson, a District of Columbia administrative law judge, first sued Custom Cleaners over a pair of pants that went missing two years ago. He was seeking about $65 million under the D.C. consumer protection act and almost $2 million in common law claims.

He is now focusing his claims on signs in the shop that have since been removed. The suit alleges that Jin Nam Chung, Soo Chung and Ki Chung committed fraud and misled consumers with signs that claimed "Satisfaction Guaranteed" and "Same Day Service."

But Chris Manning, the Chungs' attorney, says that can be considered fraud only if the signs misled a "reasonable" person. No reasonable person, he says, would interpret them to be an unconditional promise of satisfaction.

Pearson, who is representing himself, said in an e-mail that the focus of the case, from the start, was based on the "false, misleading and fraudulent advertisements displayed by the Chungs."

By LUBNA TAKRURI, Associated Press Writer


Anonymous said...

The judge is a jackass who is a discredit to the judicial system. He only brings shame to the Nations Capitol (and their court system isn't much better by allowing this to escalate)with such a frivilous lawsuit by wasting legal resources, creating a severe financial burden and mental anguish for an honest business owner. Would this lawsuit be taking place if the family owning the drycleaning establishment were the same race as the judge? This appears to be a matter that could be handled on a TV court program such as "Judge Judy" and the idiot would be paying the Chungs for the mental anguish and legal fees they've wasted on this travesty.

Anonymous said...

Our legal system is in no better shape than our immigration system, mostly because it is run by the same type of inept morons as Judge Pearson. This man is an embarassment to our country in general not just the justice system. This is the reason legitimate cases take 3-4 years to come to trial.

Anonymous said...

This judge should be fired for his "tirade" and misuse of our legal system.

Anonymous said...

this judge should be de-benched and disbarred --- today, and never allowed to 'judge' another human-beings actions. ironic that this jackass is in a position of power -he's obviously a sociopath of the highest order.
all of his rulings from the bench should be reviewed by decent attorneys/peers and overturned as appropriate.
then - jail time for the freak.

Anonymous said...

the judge should lose his seat. this man is a disgrace to our system, to his robes and to the human race. in addition, he should be made to paid for his idiocy. compensate the chungs and pay their legal fees thus far. then he can work as the schlep he is greeter or truck-unloader seems fitting for his capabilities. certainly nowhere he needs a brain! the judge that hears his case i hope has enough in them to crucify this moron.

Anonymous said...

I believe our current legal system is based upon Roman and English law. One aspect of the English system you will never see here in the USA is "loser pays". If this judge(?) faced the possibility of paying all the legal costs of this suit, for both plaintiff and defendant, I doubt very much this suit would have been brought. Ask yourself why loser pays is not part of our system. Who benefits?

Anonymous said...

Once again our legal system shows the lack of common sense. This case should have been thrown out before it ever got this far. It is as bad as the woman who sued McDonalds for having hot coffee and taking the lid off to put in cream&sugar as she was driving away from the window (DUH) instead of pulling into a parking spot to do it and then drive away. The only compensation the (judge??) should have is his pants paid for. Now I think he should pay all legal fees incured by the cleaners for a BS lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

This case is an outrage!!! I can't believe it's gotten this far!! How dare this judge use the legal system like this. This poor family is just trying to make a living, and I am outraged by the travesty of justice!! This Judge should be disbarred. I hope his district is paying attention to this assinine case!!

Philip said...

The legal system in europe is much better. If you bring a lawsuit and lose you pay the other sides legal costs.
There is 1% of the poulation in jail and we have the most expensive medical system in the world yet are only 29th in life expectancy.
Immigration is a mess because its almost impossible to immgrate here if you are a European.
This guy is an african american judge in washington, remember mayor marion barry, got smoking crack and won relection.
He will not get fired

Anonymous said...

To think, there are real criminals waiting to go to court and this BS is taking up the courts time. Oh, wait this frivolous lawsuit should be considered a crime. The dry-cleaners should file a counter suit for this nonsense claim against them and ask for millions in pain, suffering and humiliation - and they should win. What will this judge do then?? Will he think it's a legit claim then??

Anonymous said...

This is the most rediculous thing I ever heard.....This judge is an ass who needs to get a life.....These poor people are working hard to make a living and this ediot who has nothing better to do whith his time is making these people turn against our country...It's ediots like this that give our wondeful country a bad rep....Proud to be an American.

Anonymous said...

To my greatest dismay, who elected these kinds of bozos to sit on our judicial system? We the people?

Maybe he lost one pair of pants at the cleaners, but seems to all he is stil not wearing any today.

Oh yeah, he is only wanting 54 mil instead of 70 mil now , he should have no problem getting that, right!

The most he can sue is the price of his pair of lost pants!

Who knows, the judge who is going to reside on the case could be someone just like him.

Someone please offer some idiot a pair of unwanted pants.

Anonymous said...

WHEW-This guy belongs in a nut house-this law suit is a disgrace to our lelag system and the
capitol of the USA

Anonymous said...

No wonder why things cost so much. In my experiance, this is how the system works. No logic applies, no one sorts this kind of shit out, when you are listed under VS., you just lose regardless of guilt or reason.

A simular suit put our fifteen year old family owned business out of business. The whole system is based in favor of the attorneys and their bent on extortion.

Anonymous said...

I think this so called "judge" needs to be kicked off the bench for abuse of power as well as filing a frivilous suit and he should be forced to pay ALL legal fees for this fiasco he started or spend some jail time if he refuses to do so.

At this point, I would not care if the Chung's ripped a hole in a $2000 jacket, you do NOT ask for Millions! He would not want me on a jury, for sure.

This should have nothing to do with who is American and who is not. It should have to do with a so called judge abusing his power & position to harass a business owner in America.

Jeannie in FL

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! This is THE MOST disgusting thing I have heard. The judge does not have the brains to be sitting in judgement on the bench. He should absolutely lose his seat. He is demonstrating he does not possess the mental competency to sit in judgement of those who bring cases before him in the courtroom. It is an embarrassment to our judicial system. What is so frustrating to see is how much it is costing these innocent people. Where is the "justice" in this case? I think they should countersue to recover their legal costs and then some. How do we oust this "judge" from the bench?

Anonymous said...

some black people are abuse by the legal system...some abuse the system!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is just ridicolous...There are civil wars in Darfur and Iraq, people are dying around the world, some do not even have an economy in their country so that they can make money to buy pants and this spoiled wackjob is suing for an amount equal to a small country's GDP for a pair of pants that he probably would have spilled his STarbucks all over...this is what is wrong with this country...

Anonymous said...

no wonder nobody likes us when you got idiots like this for judges in the united states.

Anonymous said...

No, it is the judge responsible for hearing the case that did not dismiss it outright. He should be taken off the bench. The reality is that it is rare you get the most qualified individuals on the bench. This myth is perpetuated by the media, who does not have the courage of exposing the nefarious appointment prcess. Illinois Supreme Court Justice received a multi-million dollar award for libel and yet he is the most adamant against lawsuits against incompetant physicians. Justice Thomas, like the lunatic filing this law suit, does a great disservice to our country. He would never have been considered for appointment if he had not been on the CHicago Bears. His only claim to fame. There is a need for true integrity and political nepotism and party politics in the selection of judges and this sort of frivolous case would not be allowed.

Anonymous said...

first this is not a color issue, nationality issue, regardless of his employment, his petty claim is just a travisty of our court system. I can't believe a relative, boss, friend, bar association, mayor, mother, someone... hasnt taken him behind the shed to talk some sense into him. This is a sick man, with too much time and money on his hands. He needs a AA program, so he can recognize and deal with some of his defects. I just thank my lucky stars he's not my neigbor, oh the horror that could be!

Anonymous said...

The saddest part of this is that the Court in which this miscarraige of justice and our judicial system has not seen fit to throw the case out. Yes, dis-barrment of the Plaintiff would appear to be more than appropriate, however, this rape of the judicial system is continuing because another judge won't dismiss the case.

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