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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Potentially Dangerous Questions 9 & 10

Here is the last installment of my series of post from the book, God in the Flesh, by Don Everts. What a great book and fresh look at the person of Jesus from some of the "black letter" portions of the Gospels. It was was wonderful kick in the "ars" as to how chalk full the Gospels are of deep, powerful, mysterious, and amazing realities that can and will transform our lives if we will only look at them long enough.

I have posted on the other potentially dangerous questions that will rock our worlds here, here, here, and here. An important note...though I include some context to each question with a few lines that follow the question (to spur on thought), all of these question are best read within their full context - i.e. BUY and READ the book! Here are questions 9 and 10. May they spur you on to seek Him more:

Potentially Dangerous Question 9: Does Jesus still have the power to heal?

"...This is a jagged little question. It has the potential to help us rip off the sensible blindfold of our scientific age and throw our lives back into the land of faith. A realm where we believe (dare I suggest it?) in the invisible. In the miraculous. A place where we rest our faith in the powerful Jesus himself rather than in our placid religion and the limited scope of power we've seen evidenced in our churches up until today."

Potentially Dangerous Question 10: When I see Jesus clearly, what do I most want to do?

"In those moments when I consider Jesus and who he is and what he was like and what he did for me, are there any crazy, reckless thoughts that waft through my consciousness? I think that there probably are and that they are important, for the come from the deepest, bravest parts of my being.
But we usually ignore these whispers of abandonment, dismissing them as reckless and foolish. And we move on with the staccato march of our controlled lives."

Both huge questions for me right now. Healing as it regards my back. Seeing Jesus clearly and responding accordingly with this next season of learning, growing, and working with students.

This book has been a great find and read. If you are looking for a book that will challenge your thinking and call you to deeper water with Jesus, then pick up this book. Read it. Chew it. Think about it. And then live accordingly with the One who became one of us and shared His life with the world.

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