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Saturday, June 30, 2007

There Is None Like Me

Here is a funny look at a serious issues with some of today's modern worship. This makes me laugh out loud as well as cringe. As one person put it, "This may be over the top, but not by much." Ouch.

(bu to The Ooze Blog)


Dr. Matt Rings said...

But isn't one of the problems with Western Christianity the fact that Jesus is many times portrayed as just another "additive" in my life to make me more successful, a better husband, a better manager. Where is the call for repentance of my sin in front of a holy God, that we must give ourselves wholly and carry our cross to die to self?

Maybe it's just easier to sing "I exalt me"... and pray for forgiveness in the hereafter.

Seth said...

Though I don't think you are totally way off, Matt, I do think that you are might be missing the point a bit. This video is about how worship has become a bit "me"-centric over the last 10 years. We tend to put the emphasis on how "I" worship God and not about who God is and how I might respond to Him (whether that be repentence in light of His holiness OR repentence in light of His love, grace, or mercy. I'm not sure the crux of repentence is always seen in light of God's holiness - it's more about living in light of the Kingdom and it's manefesto given to us by God and lived out for us by Jesus.)

Musical worship had moved to a place of almost therapeutic form and function so that I could feel better about myself and what I was simply doing at the moment (i.e. singing that song about Jesus my friend and Savior). The pendulum has corrected itself a bit and moved closer to a place of songs about God and appropriate response that we might sing about as to how we live in light of that- love, justice, hope, repentence, gratefulness, awe, etc.

So though I don't totally disagree with you, I do some.

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