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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where Has The Time Gone?

It is wild to me to think that I am a parent of 5 year old. I know there are many of you out there with older kids but I'm still taken by surprise when think about where I am at...a freaking five year old! Well, Sarah's big birthday was on the 12th...and I can remember the day she came into the world like it was yesterday (Kelly and Lady Di remember, too! Filling up the gas tank on the way home...what were you ladies thinkin'!?) Here are a few pics to give you a glimpse of her big, fun day.

The big 5 year old.

The Hula Girl (from Uncle Matt and Aunt Toni)

Me and my girl.

Birthday dessert at Maggie Moo's - Evan the boy, Sarah, and Parker.

The Closer - Bedtime stories from Evan the great cousin!

Presents on the big day:
1. Big girl Barbie bike
2. Polly Pockets galore - multiple sets
3. Crayola Explosion Coloring Kit
4. Hula girl outfit and shell necklace
5. Magnet dress-up dolls
6. Doodle Dog
7. Soccer bouncy ball
8. Ballerina Barbie
9. Girly Dress up stuff
10. A great visit from Uncle Boo and cousin Evan
11. Cash, baby

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