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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Graduate - Clippinger Style

It was a monumental weekend a couple of weeks back. Mark Clippinger, my oldest nephew on Kelly's side, graduated from Maderia High School in Cincinnati. It's a big deal in the fact that he's one of the first of Mom and Dad Voet's grandchildren to celebrate this great accomplishment and right of passage. I am so proud of you, Mark! You are going to love this next season of life as you grow in heart, mind, body and soul in college. Here are a few pics of the big shin dig to honor Mac10fast!

Mamau and Mark

Pa Voet, Kelly, Jackie, Lou Ann, Ma Voet, and way back there, Sherry

Uncle Carl, Maria, and Parker's body language say, "I'm tired."

Sarah plays "Gotchyer Mouth" with Uncle Tom and Aunt Sherry

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