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Friday, June 08, 2007

Slow Going

Just an update for those of you following the moves of the Rings Clan from Indy to Dayton. The house looks great! We've had three official showings with mediocre attraction at best. The cool thing is that our house is listed free on the MLS because of cool website call Iggy's House. With this we are able to communicate to a greater mass of house buyers including real estate agents. But even with that and some adds in the paper (paper adds suck - poor return on the investment), we aren't able to generate the traffic like we did in Pittsburgh.

We were really excited about today because an agent called and said that a client wanted to see the house. We worked our tails off last night (mostly, Kelly!) to get the house looking sweet. Today when the agent stopped by she said that her clients had already been through the house the past weekend (which they had). So it was a bummer that they didn't want to see the house again with their realtor. My brother, Matt and sis-in-law, Toni, have some other good ideas about getting the "word out" about the house that I am going to follow up with on Monday. So who knows. We'll keep working.

In the midst of this I am working through a couple of issues in my life: expectation and faith. I have to constantly adjust my expectation based on our last house (sold it by owner to the first person to walk through it). I also have to remind myself that we are only three weeks into what could be a three month process. This could take a bit 'o' time.

Then there is the God factor. At the heart of this, is a faith issue. Do I trust him? He is about my heart and soul formation more than he is my house selling (and if I'm honest - on a lot of days I'm not really stoked about that reality). I am still called, however, to bug him with my prayers like any persistent child. And finally I have to continually worship him for his care for us...he's taken care of us in the past so faithfully and will continually do so. Plus, he's my heavenly Father who's got my back and my best interest at his heart. That so rocks my world when I reflect on that and worship him because of it!

So there you have it. Just a little update. I hope that in your neck of the woods and your season of life, that you remember, too, that God may be up to similar things (or very different). But He is always faithful. He is always good. He is always shaping our lives to be more like Jesus. He'll do whatever it takes to accomplish that in the core of who we are.

Peace and Late.

p.s. - I hate the NBA Finals. I've played in and watched better JV high school basketball. I knew I should have watched more of the Stanley Cup! Stupid me.

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