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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Art In Me

As I reflect on my time in Indy, there are lots of stirrings inside my heart and soul. God, his people, and his creation have taught me tons of things. One of those things comes as a big surprise to me. It is a greater awareness to see beauty and look for beauty in and through people, nature, and art. Art has been a cool discovery that has come through the interactions with artist friends of mine here: D.L., Mickey, Rome, and Dave B. to name a few. And what is cool is that they have simply opened my senses to the art that was already in my past and present via artistic family: brothers Matt, Bret, Joe and Jim to name a few.

And so with the onset of digital photography in our world and for my family, I have begun to play with art. Nothing serious. Just an experiment in keeping my eyes open to what beauty may be out there. To find a story in a single picture. To capture something unique in a photograph. To be surprised by what might "turn out".

So I thought I would just put on here some fun I've had with taking shots that I thought might be cool and that turned out as I expected or were "mistakes".

Ferris Wheel at Dusk

Strung Lights

Blue Dolphin

A Face Full of Pollen

Pray for Me


stephanie said...

Hey Seth...I really like the pics you took. I especially like the one of the strung lights! Very cool!

I actually just tarted my own photo-a-day website, so feel free to stop on by if you get a chance.

I hope you and the fam are doing well! :-)

Seth said...

thanks, steph! i think i'll start calling my pics experimental luck. experimental in that i am simply trying stuff on my simple digital camera and luck b/c anything i capture that is remotely interesting is simple by chance. who knows, maybe i'll get better/luckier as i keep experimenting!

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