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Thursday, July 19, 2007

UD Update

It's been awhile since I last posted something about the journey back to school. Here is a quick update on where things are at and how you might pray with us. This past Monday, Kelly, the kids, and I were back in Dayton. The primary reason for the trip was the interview that I had for one of the eight graduate assistant position openings. I met and interview with three staff from the Department of Education and Allied Professions. It was a good interview that went very well. I am hugely thankful for that! I won't know if I landed the position until maybe tomorrow (doubt it) or early next week (most likely). This position would be huge for us: free school and a small stipend!

The secondary purpose of the trip was to "window shop" for houses and see what the market is like. We saw about 4 or 5 houses, but nothing really jumped out to us except maybe one. But who knows...we can't do anything until we sell ours here in Indy first. The other thing we are reminded of is how great the house we live in really is. We are so fortunate! We will miss it and our awesome neighbors. They are the best.

The third component of the trip is was for me to register for classes. And that is officially in the bag. I'm taking 12 hours with classes being Monday-Thursday evenings. I also got my student ID OneCard! So student movie ticket prices here I come!

There you have it. Quick and easy. Pray with us in this order:

1. I would secure that grad. asst. position.
2. We'd get this house under contract by the end of this month.
3. The Cubs would stay hot and the Brewers would stay cold.

Peace and late.

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