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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm A Grown Up Now

I'm in my Human Development and Lifespan class at UD. We are having this really cool discussion on this question: When did you first realize you had become an adult? Was it a specific moment or a gradual process? Did you experience a ritual or rite of passage that marked this time of transition?

I share in my group about graduating from high school, moving off campus in college, and getting married at 23 as being marked moments for me that define my transition to adulthood. But even though these were specific moments, they took place over a period of time when I was 18-23.

We also asked about who defines adulthood? Self? Family? Culture? A combination there of?

What about you? When did you realize you were an adult? Who defined being an adult for you? How do you define adulthood?

How are you helping older adolescents, younger adults, and families that you work with make that transition?

Just some thoughts and questions I have for myself (and those out there working with kids) as I continue to work with students and even adults.

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