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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Last Post From Indy

It's a bitter sweet day here in my life.

Bitter in the sense this will by last official post as a resident of Indiana and the city of Noblesville. I am writing this from our friends, Chris and Tara's house. They are letting us crash at their house because our house here is EMPTY! Nuts. We close on our house tomorrow and then head back to Dayton after that is all signed and sealed.

There is lots to think and feel in times like this. I will reflect on that more (possibly) in a future post. But for now, I am both sad/bitter and hopeful/sweet.

Thanks to all who have shaped me and my family. Thanks for loving us, caring for us, and moving us to a place of deeper relationship filled with rich blessing, laughter, and grace. Thank you for welcoming us into your lives, homes, and teams for whatever reasons we were there for. It has been my/our honor to seen God work amazing ways in us as we have shared our lives together. I know for me (and I know for Kelly and the kids) I/we am/are more like Jesus because of y'all. He is a great and gracious God!

So stay tuned to this Bat channel and various Bat times, to see where He takes us over the next couple of years. Next time your read "Held Up High", it'll be from the little D - Dayton, OH!

Grace and peace to you and yours from the Rings family.

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