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Friday, October 05, 2007

No Wonder They Don't Take Us Seriously

This is what drives me crazy about Christianity. This is an actual undergraduate/graduate level class at seminary in Texas: Biblical Model for Home and Family. Now it's doesn't sound horrendous, but upon further review of the class, it leaves little doubt in my mind why the world at large mocks us, our faith, our training, and ultimately our God. Here is another quick article about the class.

Here is a sample from the online article:

I [the interviewer] asked Dr. Stovall why did Southwestern Baptist feel it necessary to offer such a program? Dr.Stovall said that "there were several reasons: (1) We were hearing a demand for this from women who have a heart for the home and from ministers wives who want to use their home for hospitality and ministry (2) It rounds out the Humanities degree in a way that makes it the most well-rounded, complete education a woman can receive (3) We wanted to do our part to strengthen the family and to give women the tools to reinforce a biblical model for home and family."

When asked why did Southwestern decide to only leave the program open women? Dr. Stovall said that "The Homemaking Concentration within the Bachelor of Arts in Humanities is only open to women because it was requested by women, is tailored to women and seeks to model biblical womanhood."

Listen, I'm pretty conservative and a moderate traditionalist and even I think this is goofy, even sexist. Am I crazy? Cranky? Overreacting? What do you think? Who knows...maybe I'll feel different after I sleep on it. G'night!

(bu to The Mental Floss Blog)

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