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Thursday, October 25, 2007

This Sub-Culture Must Die

Last week I was at my parent's house and Kelly was looking through some magazine with Christian products for sale. Kelly said to me that we should think about some of this stuff for the kids for Christmas. She was totally baiting me because as soon as she said that I got on my soap box. I can't stand that stuff. But as soon as I got on my soap box, my mom was on me. She and I engaged for a few minutes about the pros (her) and cons (me). She was defending the industry of religious apparel and stuff and I was frustrated with it. She was warning me of "judgementalness" and I was warning her of the trivialization (and big business) of Jesus-y stuff. At the end of the conversation, my mom and I agreed to disagree.

Then the other day, I found this article by Keith Giles. It was on one of my favorite emergent websites, The Ooze. The timing was scary. It was a very engaging piece and one that I mostly agree with (not sure about the whole music thing). Here are the first few paragraphs to wet your appetite:

I've come to the conclusion that the Christian Subculture is evil. I want to destroy it. I want to choke the life out of it and watch it die. I want to strip the skin from its bones, shake the life out of it and break it into tiny pieces.

In the past I've written articles that express the dangers of the Christian Subculture, and it's no secret that I cannot stand Christian Radio, and have zero tolerance for "Jesus Junk" such as sanctified breath mints or t-shirts that christianize popular logos and advertising (see "Bud Wise Up" or "Lord's Gymn" for example).

The Christian Subculture prevents the breaking in of the Kingdom. It inhibits the Gospel message. It paralyzes the followers of Christ by isolating them from the people they are supposed to love and interact with on a deeply intimate level.

Click here for the rest of the article. Ask yourself how might God see our Christian sub-culture? What do you feel about this sub-culture? What is the good, the bad, and the ugly of the sub-culture? And how do you think the culture at-large views business arena?

Good stuff. Happy reflection.


Tim Mauriello said...

Great stuff and great thoughts. I am mostly there with you. What do you think about stuff like t-shirts from a youth retreat or camp? I think I'm OK with Christian radio, as long they don't call themselves "safe." (I'm not so sure following Jesus is supposed to be safe for the whole family!)

Seth said...

Absolutely...I'm right there with you on student ministry tees or retreat/camp shirts (as long as they are too Christiany). I am big time influenced by Young Life on this one: cool tees, hip designs, and ability to give your ministry or event a bit of a presence. Simple really, right?

And don't get me started on the whole safe thing! I get where they are coming from, but, again, it's the subtle inculturation that Christian organizations get us with.

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